Assessing Cybersecurity Strength Without a Security Team

March 3rd, 2021

Knowing Where You Stand on Cybersecurity

Having strong cybersecurity starts with a strong base of cybersecurity awareness at your organization, and what strengths and weaknesses your current cybersecurity posture has. To fill cybersecurity gaps across your organization, you first need a baseline that shows current status, which will allow you to plan for prioritized improvement. After you implement these changes, you can reassess to measure the incremental strength within your cybersecurity posture.

Knowing where you stand on Cybersecurity

Using a cybersecurity assessment tool or guide will help you find out where your current cybersecurity posture stands. A few years ago, the FCC launched the Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0, to provide companies with 500 or less employees a way to assess current cyber-strength. Unfortunately, this guide does not offer steps for fixing critical vulnerabilities. More robust assessment solutions - like the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool within Defendify - will map to key government and industry security frameworks, like NIST and CIS, to provide a comprehensive assessment across people, processes, and technology. As with Defendify’s assessment tool, the reporting should clearly show security gaps, and provide an outline with steps on how to remediate potential risks.

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Check Your Cybersecurity Basics

Before you conduct a cybersecurity assessment, take basic steps to ensure existing cybersecurity methods are current. Some baseline protection requirements include:

  1. Do you have updated antivirus software running on all of your endpoint systems?
  2. Do employees reuse passwords across more than one system or application?
  3. Do you routinely test your backup systems?

Knowing where you stand and building a plan to strengthen overall cybersecurity does not have to be complicated if you’re using the right tools and best practices. Defendify is here to help simplify the process!

Next Steps for Improvement

Defendify has put together the following resources to help guide you through building and maintaining a strong, comprehensive cybersecurity program without complexity:

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