Knowing the ABC’s of Cybersecurity: Strategies to build a strong cyber-posture

December 18th, 2020

Most small and mid-sized businesses would fail a cybersecurity assessment test today because they lack even basic data security measures. So how do you know if your cybersecurity posture can make the grade?

Defendify Co-Founder and security veteran, Rob Simopoulos, breaks down how cyber threats have evolved, and what security vulnerabilities every company should look out for in his presentation, The ABC’s of Cybersecurity. Using straight talk, not tech talk, Rob outlines simple steps that both business Leaders and IT managers can take to build a comprehensive cybersecurity program across their entire organization.

Rob explains how to stay vigilant to identify potential external and insider threats, providing in-depth explanations of the different tactics that bad actors use - such as phishing and vishing - and what to be on the lookout for in order to avoid these attacks.

When polled, 69% said they had experienced a cyber-attack at their organization, underscoring the idea that no business, no matter how small, is safe from cyber criminals.

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Strategies to Build a Strong Cyber Posture

One way that Rob explains to strengthen your cybersecurity posture is by having specific password policies and guidelines in place that dictate the complexity of passwords that employees should be using and whether they can recycle their passwords (use them across multiple accounts). If a bad actor figures out your login to one account, they could quickly gain access to many if they know a password that you reuse. When asked what policies they had in place to regulate password use only 38% of participants said that they had advanced policies, and controls including two-factor authentication in place.

Rob shares that cybersecurity is a posture, not a project. Cybersecurity is not something that can be achieved overnight. Rather, it takes a multi layered approach involving a strong foundation, technology, and a company culture that understands and embraces cybersecurity to truly be prepared to face cyber threats.

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