What Small and Mid-Sized Business Owners Need to Know About Cybersecurity

November 19th, 2020

Recently Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos was interviewed by Rich Brooks and Yury Nabokov on their podcast Fast Forward Maine  which focuses on providing helpful insights to Maine business owners about how to increase profitability and growth.

Rich and Yury asked Rob key questions about what the owners of small and mid-sized business need to know about cybersecurity and Rob highlighted several ways that small and mid-sized businesses can improve their cybersecurity posture and build a more cyber secure culture.

Technology and Data Use

One of the ways that a business can drastically improve their cybersecurity posture is be employing a Technology and Data Use Policy. Rob emphasized that a policy like this is a crucial part of the cybersecurity puzzle as it lays out exactly what is expected of employees when they are using a work computer or device and explains why using work devices to check personal emails and other accounts can create vulnerabilities.

Working From Home

In his interview Rob also touches on how working from home and remotely has presented new challenges when it comes to the security of the devices that we use. He explains the dangers of doing work or accessing any accounts on public wifi and explains how using a VPN or password protected personal hotspot can greatly reduce the risks of doing work on a less secure network.

Cyber-Smart Culture

Rob also explains throughout the interview the importance of having a cyber secure culture. He discusses some of the ways that this can be developed, starting with the technology and data use policy, and including additional components like frequent cybersecurity awareness training to keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind.

To hear all of Robs helpful tips and strategies for how to develop a strong cybersecurity posture listen to the full podcast!

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