Cybersecurity, Simplified: Awareness Training Videos 

September 25th, 2020

Videos help us to learn about and keep up with a variety of topics, from hanging drywall, to training your cat to use the toilet to – you guessed it – cybersecurity.

Who are awareness training videos for?

Awareness training videos are for everyone! Since human error accounts for the majority of cyberattacks, regularly teaching employees how to spot current threats will significantly reduce the risk of a cyber incident. Awareness training videos are designed for all employees, regardless of their level of cybersecurity knowledge, because they address new and evolved cyber threats, not just the common ones.

What are awareness training videos?

Awareness training videos are designed to keep cybersecurity threats and best practices top of mind through entertaining and engaging short videos. Each month, video content is delivered directly to employee inboxes via email that address cybersecurity threats, trends, topics, and stories. The awareness training videos are often paired with a short quiz at the end to test the viewer’s knowledge and ensure retention of the topic.

When do awareness training videos matter?

With the cybersecurity landscape moving and changing rapidly, it is important to stay on top of the latest threats and trends. We recommend a monthly cadence for awareness training videos – it will ensure employee knowledge stays current without creating content-fatigue.

Where do awareness training videos occur?

Awareness training videos are automatically sent via email to employees every month. This makes it easy for your employees to access the videos and increase their cybersecurity awareness without having to search for materials to learn from. At the end of each month a detailed report is sent out to administrators that includes information on which employees completed the training and passed the knowledge assessment quiz.

Why are awareness training videos important?

Awareness training videos help keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind for all employees. For a business to be truly cybersecure, a culture of cybersecurity awareness is necessary for all employees. With monthly awareness training videos, you are ensuring that every employee is keeping cybersecurity top of mind and has an up to date of understanding of topics like phishing and proper password use.

It takes a team effort to become cybersecure! With the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, awareness training videos are an easy way to make sure that every member of your team has their eye on the ball and knows what they need to be doing to stay vigilant, and proactive in preventing a cyberattack.

Learn More about Defendify’s automated Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos.

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