Defendify Discusses Cybersecurity and Small Business with (ISC)2 Maine Chapter 

November 18th, 2019

Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos recently spoke at the (ISC)2 Maine Chapter’s monthly networking and educational event, held in Yarmouth, Maine on November 13th, 2019.  Rob’s presentation, “Cybersecurity: Big Topics for Small Business,” covered cybersecurity threats to Small Business today, the importance of reducing cybersecurity risk, and how cybersecurity leaders and professionals can help.

The (ISC)2 Maine Chapter is an official chapter of (ISC)2, an international, nonprofit membership association for information security leaders. (ISC)2 works to empower professionals who touch on every aspect of information security, offer globally recognized certifications, and provide networking opportunities and resources. The Maine Chapter hosts events once per month to discuss cybersecurity and network with other professionals.

Rob’s presentation discussed a wide variety of cybersecurity topics as they relate to Small Business, including the current state of Small Business cybersecurity, what small business are doing to minimize their risk, and how it impacts their relationships with partners, vendors, and larger firms. He also covered the current levels of cybersecurity awareness within small business segment and related operational challenges. Additionally, Rob discussed the positive impact of educating Small Business owners and operators on cybersecurity to help reduce their risk. Larger enterprises often work with Small Business vendors, so the potential impact of a cyberattack to a Small Business can reach far beyond the Small Business itself.

Defendify was pleased to be able to start a conversation with other security leaders around the role cybersecurity professionals have in protecting and educating Small Business. Continuous learning is an important part of cybersecurity for all businesses, and the more we can discuss the topic as a community, the better off we are. 

Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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