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September 19th, 2019

Defendify was recently selected to represent Maine at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Amid our excitement to be featured at the event, we got to thinking more about everyone participating in Disrupt this year and in the future. Startup companies and investors are two groups that many don’t immediately think about when it comes to cybersecurity, despite compelling reasons to. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves it doesn’t hurt to disrupt our thinking about our target markets, stretching the imagination beyond what we’re used to.

Held October 2-4, 2019 in San Francisco, Disrupt is the original technology startup conference where startup companies and investors from around the world meet to get inspired, learn from industry leaders, see the latest innovations, and expand their networks.

Starting Up with Cybersecurity

Every startup begins with a great idea that’s worth protecting. Intellectual Property (IP) is a key example of sensitive information that a startup depends on. Imagine if a startup’s confidential business plans, product roadmap, or code base was breached – it could be a real challenge to fully recover. A cybersecurity incident is the last thing a fast-moving startup needs, especially as they vie to develop brand recognition and credibility.

On the flip side, strong cybersecurity can bolster competitive advantage. Early-adopting customers and investors want to know that their information (and money) is protected, so prioritizing cybersecurity can be a great way for a startup to appeal to these groups.

Working with startups comes with challenges – they’re often very busy and on a tight budget. But the payoff can be great: as startups grow, so do their technology and cybersecurity needs. It’s okay to start small with startups – if they’re not quite ready to commit to a full cybersecurity program, you can still educate them about basic best practices, recommend steps they can take for free, and keep in touch as they grow to stay top-of-mind for continued cybersecurity matters.

And Investing in Cybersecurity

Venture Capital firms and other investment groups are another segment that warrants a strong argument for cybersecurity. Investors deal almost exclusively in extremely sensitive information about their investment portfolio companies…

  • Detailed business plans and intellectual property
  • Due diligence research and findings
  • Funding information, deals, and financials
  • Wire transfers and banking details

…and their Limited Partners:

  • Financials and investments
  • Wire transfers and banking details

Of course, there is a lot of money at play and in movement here. The consequences of a data breach to an investor or investment group are potentially large and can affect their own and many other businesses. That’s why it’s so important they work hard to strengthen their posture through a strong cybersecurity program including investing in technology like password vaults and email encryption to protect the sensitive information they frequently send and receive.

In the spirit of innovation, we encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your customer base. Cybersecurity is important for businesses of all sizes, at all stages, and in all industries. Startups, investors, and other scaling businesses are likely in need of services that will grow with them as they scale, and cybersecurity should be one of them. Supporting them from the beginning can go a long way towards kicking off a healthy business relationship and promoting their success.

Now that we’ve disrupted you for a few moments here, how can you disrupt your thinking to add a new chapter to your book of business?

Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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