New Product Feature: Enhanced Vulnerability Scanner 

September 9th, 2019

The last thing a small business needs is a weakness in their network or systems – especially one nobody knows is there. We’ve discussed the importance of Vulnerability Scanning before, and are excited to announce that Defendify’s vulnerability scanning tool is now included in the core Defendify platform.

For Defendify administrators, that means:

  • More informed: The tool runs an external vulnerability scan regularly, checking networks for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and more by leveraging machine learning and advanced logic to maximize reach through the network.
  • More automated: Once activated, the scanner runs autonomously, reporting regularly on any issues requiring remediation.
  • More options: Beyond the included external vulnerability scan, there is the ability to deploy additional IPs and internal vulnerability scanning through Defendify.

While the existence of a vulnerability is not the news anyone wants to hear, it’s something business owners and cybersecurity providers need to hear before it’s too late. Defendify’s enhanced vulnerability scanner simplifies the discovery process, streamlines ongoing reporting, and surfaces prioritized items for remediation.


Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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