Defendify Volunteers with Portland Trails 

July 22nd, 2019
Defendify Volunteers with Portland Trails

The Defendify team is dedicated to protecting Small Businesses from cyberattacks, but recently spent a little time protecting some of our local open spaces, too. Here in Maine, the weather only cooperates for working outside for a short window of time, and the team jumped at the opportunity to volunteer outdoors. Defendify spent the afternoon upkeeping local nature paths with Portland Trails, a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining 70 miles of trails in Greater Portland to provide effective on-foot transportation and aid in conservation.

We braved the July heat and set out working on the Westbrook ‘Schools to Skatepark’ trail, a byway that connects the town’s schools to the athletic fields along with neighborhoods and businesses. This trail is especially useful for providing safe and scenic trips between campuses. The Defendify team contributed to keeping the area in tip-top shape by spreading gravel on muddy sections of the path and trimming back trees to keep it passable. On the construction front, the group built a bench for trail-goers to rest and rebuilt a damaged bridge.

It was rewarding to see the difference that one afternoon of work made in preserving open spaces and transportation for the community. The Portland Trails system sees roughly one million uses each year and is free to use for Greater Portland residents and visitors, meaning volunteer efforts are appreciated by many!

Volunteering with Portland Trails was a perfect outlet to get outside for a day and bond with coworkers over some hard work. The Defendify team was thrilled to help keep the trails in our city maintained and accessible so that all community members can experience Maine’s beauty.

Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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