Startup Maine Conference 

by June 25th, 2018

Startup Maine supports local entrepreneurs and provides resources to foster new ideas, showcasing that it’s possible to live and work in Maine. The three-day conference allows leaders, innovators, and community members to present their business philosophies, learn from each other, and network in a relaxed environment.

The Defendify team attended the fourth annual conference, held June 21-23, 2018. The team participated in a number of workshops and lectures, and had the honor of hearing from keynote speaker Nate Fick, CEO of the computer security software company Endgame.

Additional highlights included a workshop led by Co-Founder and CEO of Backlog Zero, Vinko Buble, where we used a visual tool designed by Backlog Zero to prioritize tasks and create a plan of action to conquer those tasks. Here at Defendify, we are continually reassessing what we need to accomplish daily as well as throughout the quarter and year. It was refreshing to consider looking at our tasks and projects in a different way, and always through the eyes of security.

To end the afternoon, the team listened to Tiffany Rad, Founder and CEO of Anatrope, Inc., speak about cybersecurity. We love to hear what others have to say about cybersecurity, particularly as it relates to Small Business. Rad was a compelling speaker and had many valuable recommendations for the startup businesses at the conference.

It was a great day spent with other innovators in the vibrant local startup scene, and we’re already looking forward to returning next year!

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