Ransomware: The Risk is Real (Cover Story) 

June 12th, 2017

Exciting news...we were recently featured as the cover story in Security Dealer & Integrator magazine, also featured online on the industry leading website, SecurityInfoWatch. The article, titled "Ransomware: The Risk is Real," was published in the June edition (Vol. 39, No. 6).

We've included the first few paragraphs of article below and you can read the full version by visiting the SecurityInfoWatch website and flipbook.

WannaCry shines the light on the integrator’s new role in cyber threat detection | By Rob Simopoulous, Partner, Launch Security (Portland, ME)

On May 12, the now-familiar threat of ransomware took the offensive, as more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries were encrypted for ransom at hospitals, telecommunications systems, governments, banks and more. Known as “WannaCry,” the ransomware demanded 300 bitcoin in exchange for decryption.

The attack exploited known vulnerabilities in an older version of Microsoft Windows – vulnerabilities that could have been avoided with recent patches. Worse yet, the global cyber-attack may be only the first in a series of sophisticated attacks that may arise out of leaked NSA hacking tools.

Britain’s National Health Service was hit by the cyber-attack, which encrypted and locked up data, resulting in the need to turn away patients and canceling surgeries and other operations, causing what is still undetermined monetary loss and business continuity. The attacks continued to grow as the same attackers froze computers at Russia’s Interior Ministry while further affecting tens of thousands of computers elsewhere. Across Asia, several universities and organizations reportedly fell prey. Renault, the European automaker, said its French operations were one of the casualties, while its plant in Slovakia ceased operation because of the digital scourge. The attacks spread quickly to more than 74 countries, with Russia worst hit and included Ukraine, India, Taiwan, Latin America and Africa.

Cyber threats and ransomware in particular is one of the most talked about topics among the security community today. Ransomware presents a major threat across all businesses and vertical markets. Much of the ransomware is coming from out-of-country hackers who are quite adept in their attacks, often demanding bitcoin as payment.

 “Ransomware is arguably the No. 1 method of cyber-attack in 2017, and this attack demonstrates the paramount need for critical enterprises to have a ransomware playbook in place for when they are attacked,” says Rich Barger, Director of Cyber Research for Splunk.

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